Save the Deaf and Endangered Language Initiative (S-DELI)

Our Mission

We are totally committed to the total development and empowerment of the Deaf in Nigeria. We conduct research on Nigerian signed languages and Deaf culture , reach out to families of Deaf children, seek to have early intervention programs and advocate for Deaf rights.

Our Vision

To help end the stigmatization against the Deaf and empower them through education, health care, leadership, and civil outreach.


To produce a comprehensive documentation of deaf schools in Nigeria

To document the sign language in Nigeria

To promote a Shared-Signing Community where the Deaf are free of neglect and stigmaization


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ABout the School Directory

When we started our community engagement outreaches in Nigerian deaf community late 2013, we wanted to know how many schools for the Deaf in the country as to know how much work we had to do. We searched the internet, and all other sources We hope to get an answer, but to no avail.

The closest information we got was a publication by Excellence and Education Network, with about 22 schools represented. We found out that the 3 schools where we started our project were not represented on the publication, we concluded that the publication could not be a comprehensive one.

Consequently, we became motivated to publish the first comprehensive directory of Schools for the Deaf in Nigeria. Four years after, we present to you a directory we believe is more defined and more comprehensive than any information we had gotten in the past. This is not yet a complete directory of Schools for the Deaf in Nigeria, and some of the information on this publication have not been verified by our field team, especially about schools where we have not had our outreach. Such information was provided to us by deaf individuals who know those schools, parents of deaf children and other individuals who come from those communities.

In this directory, we have classified the schools according to three major types:


We acknowledge all persons that provided us with information about the schools published on this directory. We may not mention you by names, but we appreciate you so much. We would also need your assistance as we seek to complete the directory to contain all schools with other details this directory will contain. We are a team in this! Thank you! Great thanks too, to the IT Department who worked night and day to publish this material, and the entire Team S-DELI for their supports.

Emma Asonye, PhD.
Head of Project, Global